A Ching in the Life
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A Ching in the Life

An Actor's Function

by William Mesnik on 04/10/19

Very excited to offer my book, An Actor's Function, in the hope that it will touch you and help you on your journey!

9 Hexagrams

by William Mesnik on 07/21/16

My latest CD "9 Hexagram from the I Ching" is available!

Float like a butterfly, or sting like a bee?

by William Mesnik on 10/11/11

It all depends, replies Hex 45. Whichever it is, just don't hesitate.

Tips on Aging

by William Mesnik on 11/11/10

Hex 60 recommends while staring into the abyss, be aware of the little acts of kindness. I'm sorry, did you say something?